The Obama Deception

Comment : Truth about Obama. Some of it may seem out there paranoid conspiracy theory however the proof seems quite solid in 2012 looking at the policies Obama has enacted since 2008-2009.


Global Currency Ruled By the UN and IMF

Comment : Indians may do well to heed this warning. The UN, IMF, World Bank are the New World Order agencies seeking to undermine the sovereignty of all nations even India.

Secular Theocracy

Secular Theocracy : The Foundations and Folly of Modern Tyranny

In his book, The Discarded Image, Lewis revealed that for Medieval Christians, there was no sacred/secular divide and that this unified, theopolitical worldview of hope, joy, liberty, justice, and purpose from the loving grace of God enabled them to discover the objective, natural-law principles of ethics, science, and theology, producing immense human flourishing. [2] Lewis described the natural law as a cohesive and interconnected objective standard of right behavior:

This thing which I have called for convenience the Tao, and which others may call Natural Law or Traditional Morality or the First Principles of Practical Reason or the First Platitudes, is not one among a series of possible systems of value. It is the sole source of all value judgements. If it is rejected, all values are rejected. If any value is retained, it is retained. The effort to refute it and raise a new system of value in its place is self-contradictory. There has never been, and never will be, a radically new judgement of value in the history of the world. What purport to be new systems or (as they now call them) “ideologies,” all consist of fragments from the Tao itself. Arbitrarily wrenched from their context in the whole and then swollen to madness in their isolation, yet still owing to the Tao and to it alone such validity as they possess. If my duty to my parents is a superstition, then so is my duty to posterity. If justice is a superstition, then so is my duty to my country or my race. If the pursuit of scientific knowledge is a real value, then so is conjugal fidelity. (The Abolition of Man)[3]

Comment: I urge all Indians especially Hindus to read this article with an open mind to understand the folly of promoting militant nationalism and patriotism which will lead to annihilation of traditional religion(Hinduism) and the values(Sanatana Dharma) it promotes. The State cannot be God or used to promote Hindu culture and morality as the State is only good to retain the monopoly of violence.

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Ron Paul predictions for the US in 2002 for the next 10yrs

Sadly in India we don’t have a  leader statesman like Ron Paul.

Former CIA analyst on the US foreign policy

More on Michael Scheuer here.

Money Master : Truth about fiat currency, central banking and money

One of the best sources to understand money, central banking and fiat currency.

More info coming soon on money and banking!

India: An enemy imagined by Pakistan?

Comment: Watch starting at 2:03. This is not at all surprising. India has been the most peaceful nation in the world for the last few thousand years. Pakistan is a failed nation and has always been a failed nation since it’s formation in 1947-1948. Indian govt and the citizens have done well to avoid waging a full-scale war in the face of well proven continuous threats and violent actions emanating from the Pakistan intelligence ISI and its armed forces through the use of terrorist groups and Islamic theocracy. 

Addendum :

The main reason for not waging full-scale war is the majority of Hindus who are well aware that a war between the two nations will not only annihilate Pakistan but will also deeply impact India negatively. India is going through a very delicate transition from a agrarian-socialist economy to a modern industrialized capitalist economy. The changes have been hard on India socially and economically which the Indian govt, political parties and politicians are not just opposed but are hell-bent on profiting from it by exploiting all citizens. Indian govt will try to impose more controls on the economy and the population regardless of the political party in power. It’s never in the interest of any politician, party or the govt for India and Indians to progress. The real enemy of Indians, especially Hindus is govt(central and state) and the bureaucrats including the politicians.

Politicians will sell the interests of Hindus to anyone who can pay the highest amount.

Hindus may well be warned that the political parties and govt will increasingly take to minority appeasement(sic Muslim and Dalit appeasement) to gain power. All Hindus must understand no matter who they vote for there will NEVER be a govt or politician who will be guided by Sanatana Dharma. It’s up to Hindus to take control of their individual lives, communities and families; if India has to remain a Hindu nation.

Hindus need a Hindu renaissance to make India a strong nation and not pseudo-nationalism of the left and right political parties or the puffy fake patriotism of the right-wing Hindu groups. A real Hindu rebirth for a Hindu Bharat.