Right To Education Act : A failure from the start

The RTE Act has proven to be a failure right from the start, which is not surprising since State enforced and funded education forced upon the population will distort existing educational practices and lead to low quality students. State education in human history has been a failure and always will produce failures of students, since education which is very fundamental to the well-being and prosperity of the individual cannot be handled by the State.

The Indian education system is one of the worst in the world. Indian children are trained to repeat facts and work towards getting a job in the services sector(private or govt) and become good obedient citizens(sic slaves) to the State.

The solution to high quality education is to abolish all State run and funded education. Privatize all education. Goals of the State(or govt) is NOT to educate the population but to ensure individual liberty, enforce contracts through torts(courts system) and a strong national defense. The State must also protect private property rights.

The question arises, will not privatization of education increase unemployment of teachers and increase the cost of education? The answer is NO! When education is privatized we will see a rise in homeschooling, private tutoring among the urban middle class, community run schools in the rural and semi urban areas, private Hindu schools like the ones run by Ramakrishna Mission increase in number and finally elite prep schools which would cater to the rich.

Privatization will create a necessity through the creative power of individuals in the free market to keep quality as high as possible while keeping the costs low to gain the maximum number of students. Private schools charging exorbitant fees will be marginalized by parents since cheaper and higher quality education will be available.

Abolish all State run and funded education syllabus. Let the parents, children, students and the teachers work out the best system of education possible.

Indians must remember that problems in this country are not caused by bad policies or poor implementations of “good” policies rather by the govt itself. The principle of framing policies to socially engineer a population always distorts the natural evolution of a society which are historically determined by the actions of the individuals in the society.

Church Schools oppose RTE Act

RTE Act has hit student-teacher ratio, admit school authorities

The articles mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. In the coming years we will see massive failures of govt regardless of the political party in power.

Addendum : Millions of Indians who have managed to succeed inspite of Statist education is because of the innate ingenuity of the Indian youth. Inspite of the third class education system, Indians have managed to move towards prosperity. Imagine if Indians get to work and live in a free market society free from State(govt) intervention! The possibilities are endless.


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