Hefty parking fee recommended for on-street parking

The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) has, in its draft parking policy for Bangalore, recommended that Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) make the fee for on-street parking expensive to discourage private transport.

Speaking at a public consultation, “Combating Traffic Congestion in Bangalore, An Alternative Vision”, DULT Commissioner V. Manjula said that on-street parking should be costlier than off-street parking to encourage people to use parking lots. Another recommendation to curb the proliferation of cars was to insist on proof of parking space to get a new car registered in Bangalore, Ms. Manjula said.

Ms. Chamaraj, in her introductory address, questioned the rationale and the legal sanction behind the road widening exercise. The provisions of Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, the Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act, etc., are not adhered to in these exercises, she said.

Instead of road widening, the authorities should encourage public transport and complete the circular railway network and operate passenger trains.

Comment : There are so many wrong things in this article(not grammatical or semantic). The over reaching tyrannical rule of the govt through use of eminent domain laws, central planning and a command and control method. 

To better understand why we need property rights defined as an explicit fundamental right in the Constitution which should be inviolable any govt or govt agent and private citizens watch this.


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